1)What type of massage does aroha massage offer?

Aroha Massage offers personalized tantric massage services, being performed in  your hotel room, yacht or private villa.

2) What does a typical Tantric Massage session consist ?

All sessions are designed to flow and meet your needs. The session lasts approximately 1 hour, with the option to add more time to your ritual. The content of the session will vary depending on the duration of the type of massage chosen. Sessions may include meditations, beautiful rituals of connection, honoring the body, breathwork, and a combination of bodywork and massage. Aroha Massage uses a variety of approaches and techniques that allow you to connect with your physical and energetic body. The session works to release tension and access deeper energy. When the massage is over, there will be time to relax and integrate after this unforgettable experience.

3) Is there physical contact in the Tantric Massage Session?

Yes, as long as you are open and comfortable with this session, the session includes touch and massage. Touch will be used as the session works with your physical body and energy. However, remember at all times that these sessions are about you and that there are many things that can be explored within tantra rituals, breathwork and meditations that do not involve touch. Within the session, the energy is largely about what you receive, when choosing your massage you can decide whether or not you want to exchange contact with the masseuse.



4) Do I need to take off my clothes in the Tantric Massage session?

All sessions are tailored to the client’s needs and what is comfortable for you. When we go to the massage, you are invited to take off your clothes. Keep in mind that although touch can be felt through clothing, the experience you feel within your energy will be very different from what you feel directly on your skin. Direct massage on the skin is more powerful and the energy will move more freely, BUT these sessions are about you.

5) Does masseuse/masseur, take off her/ his clothes?

The trip is done together and it is very important to create a space of connection and unity. At Aroha Massage our masseuses usually work with a pareo or underwear, but, again, we will work within your limits.

6) What are the operating hours of the Aroha Massage?

Appointments are offered during the day between 10 am and 9 pm.

7) Does masseuses from Aroha Massage has any kind of training?

 Our team has training in tantric massage using the techniques of the International School of Tantra in India.

8) Does the Tantric Massage include massage in the genitals?

The treatments may include genital massage, depending on the treatment session you choose and the preferences and limits you set with your consent. As part of the massage, there is an opportunity to explore and connect with all areas of the body, including the genitals. If you decide to include the genitals in your massage, then you can include him receiving a Yoni (vaginal), Lingam (penis) and/or prostate massage. If any of these are included in your massage, there are no expectations: it’s about the journey and not the destination. Arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation are not a destination, but CAN be experienced as part of the journey.

9) Is any sexual service provided in the Tantric Massage?

At Aroha Massage we work with sexual energy but do NOT provide any sexual services.

10) Where the massage will be performed?

The massage will be performed in your hotel room, boat or private villa.

11) How long in advance can I book my massage?

We always ask our clients to make reservations as far in advance as possible for the best organization of our team, but the minimum time that we accept a reservation would be  1 hour and a half.

12) ) How can I make the payment?

We offer two options for you to make the payment; via paypal or money, both methods will be done before starting the massage.

13) Where should I wait for the tantric masseuse in my hotel?

The masseuse will go directly to the room mentioned at the time of booking, or if due to hotel regulations it is not possible to access the room, it would be necessary to notify the hotel so that it is possible.


14) How many masseurs can I hire to perform my massage?

You can hire up to two masseuses to perform an individual massage.

15) What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you cannot go to the reserved section, you must contact us via whatsapp or email at least 1 hour and a half before the section.

16) For who the tantric massage is destined?

The tantric experience is intended for all those who seek with their body and their sexuality in a clean and educational way. The massage is aimed at men, women and couples.

17) Are masseurs always female?

Our team is made up of male and female masseuses. Massage therapists can be of the same sex as the client or of the opposite sex.

18) What do I need to have in my hotel room to receive my massage?

Our masseuses will take care of bringing all the necessary material to carry out your massage, we only ask that you have a towel available.

19) Which products my massage will be performed?

IN Aroha Massage we use special oils for performing massages.

20) How can I make the reservation at the Aroha Massage?

The reservations can be made through the whatsapp chat + 34 667853862 or via email info@arohomassage.com