"Tantric massages,
sweet torture of your senses..."

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"Tantric massages,
sweet torture of your senses..."

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" This was without a doubt the best massage of my life"

“Upon entering the attention was exquisite by the masseuse. A very sensual and sensitive massage. Her hands caressed areas that for the first time I felt connected to other parts of my body”.


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Years of experience in tantric massages focusing on these three massages.
Tantra massages designed to push all your senses to the limit and make you lose control.

" Dare to try a massage that will make you tremble with pleasure"

We go to hotels, yachts and villas in Ibiza, with style and total discretion. Will you let us in?
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Tantra, that obscure object of desire

If you believe that the magic of eroticism is in seduction and excitement, discover tantra and our incredible tantric massages.
Tantric massage is a ritual that awakens sexual energy, spreading it through the nervous system. It channels and purifies energy throughout the body. It's much more than just an erotic and sensual massage, as the purpose is not only to climax, but also to reach the soul.
In Aroha Massage, we want you to feel like you’re in heaven, enjoying a unique, pleasurable experience capable of transporting you to unimaginable places. Touching is feeling, feeling is sharing, and sharing is loving. We must remember that human beings also communicate with each other by touch. Touching is probably the oldest method of interaction used by humans. We touch the objects we like; we touch the people we love to show them our affection... Touching, caressing, rubbing against each other is something natural, despite having been stigmatized as obscene or sinful by taboos and social conventions. Nowadays people find it difficult to flow, touch and be touched...
Try one of the best tantra massages in Ibiza.
Rediscover physical contact as a basic need, as curative therapy. Touching, rubbing, caressing, as one of the most beautiful ways of communicating, connecting and uniting with one another. In Aroha we believe that tantra massages not only need expert hands, but also attitude, desire, trust, affection and intuition to establish this special connection. A connection that breaks down barriers and taboos that prevent you from enjoying a true tantra massage.

Tantra massages adapt to the desires and needs of each person. Some people like very hot and straightforward massages. We'll give them what they want but we will make them suffer first. Others prefer a more sensual, seductive, progressive process... Some prefer strong and dominant therapists, others prefer them intimate, warm and affectionate... Tantra offers all this and more.

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Tantra massages combine the best of a sensual massage and the best of an erotic encounter.
An experience that will push your senses to the limit and drive you crazy with pleasure.